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My Friend Heidi

I was recently reading through several blogs when I came upon an invitation to write about a friend. Five friends came to mind. So I am joining the Great Friendship Blog .

So Heidi…

In June 2008 I had just lost a job that I really liked. I felt I was helping people and was thrilled to be involved in ministry again. I was devastated and confused when they terminated me. I had some experience with writing grants, but felt that if I got some training that the doors might open for me to do more of that. So I got that training and put the word out that my services were available. What I quickly found was that my need to get established as a grant writer (aka, writing grants for free) made me popular. Several small, and financially struggling non-profits, were open to using my services.

It was at one of these non-profits that I met Heidi. I met others, but I was immediately drawn to Heidi’s drive, grit, and passion for others. I will never forget the night we met coffee and I shared with her my journey. She listened without judgment and it seemed that we became instant friends.

I have enjoyed canning, and making Christmas gifts with Heidi. I have loved our adventures—just hopping in the car and going someplace new. I have truly and too much enjoyed all the marvelous cuisines that we have indulged in.

But the thing I love the best is studying the Bible with Heidi. Heidi has multiple degrees in archeology and linguistics. She knows Greek and understands Middle Eastern Languages in a way I can only dream of. I have studied koine Greek and done some translating of the New Testament. Heidi and I have translated and studied Philippians, the Sermon on the Mount, and now are almost done with the Gospel of Mark. It has been so enriching to study the Word with her. I treasure this and consider it a HUGE gift from God and blessing in my life.

Another way that Heidi blesses my life is that she is good at kicking me in the butt. Heidi is an amazingly creative person and that has been so encouraging to me as I nurture my creativity into bloom. Thankfully, Heidi gets me enough that she doesn’t let me settle or stagnate. I can’t begin to put a value on this…but trust me it’s way up there with the things I wouldn’t trade.

God sent this wonderful friend into my life at a very low point. He knew what I needed. And don’t worry…I’ve told her how much her friendship means to me. I wouldn’t ever want to let that go unsaid to her.


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