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Thankfulnesses Day 3

Today I am thankful for the current state of health that my husband is in. In 1983 he ruptured a disc and it has been a pain-filled journey ever since. We have had diagnoses of Eptstien Barr, degenerative disc disease, flaring ridiciopathy, chronic inflamation in his hips, bone spurs on his spine. He has struggled with low grade depression (disthymia) with bouts that were pretty major. He has extreme sleep apnea. In 2004 he severely crushed his left ankle and was bedbound for a year and a half.

In July we changed our eating habits considerably and have maintained that. He has lost about 70lbs. His hips and back still hurt and he’s felt like he was on the edge of getting the flu for a couple weeks, but he has also felt well enough to rake and move lots of leaves. He mowed the yard twice recently. He has been organizing and decluttering the house. And those things are in addition to working his very physically demanding job all day and coming home and cooking for us.

It is so exciting to see him coming out from under his cloud of pain. I’ve seen him smile more recently. These things are huge. And I am hugely thankful.


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