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Thank-full Tankful

While that title might lead one to believe that I am thankful for the slowly decreasing price on gas again…and while I am that for sure, this is about something completely different.

I am thankful for the beautiful maple trees around my house. We have seven very large and mature maple trees: four in the front and three on the side. I love their shade in the summer. I love the canopy of green that covers me as I sit out on my front patio. Before I ever got inside this house, I was drawn to it because of the trees.

I love the beautiful leaves in the fall. The colors are warm, all yellow, orange, and red. And we end up with a whopping leaf pile!!! Today was the end of the leaf pile. Nelson, Asher, and I spent a couple hours out front blowing, raking, and shoveling leaves. I find it easier to move the heavy wet leaves by shoveling them to the edge of the street (we don’t have curbs, because we have no sidewalk). It was fun to work together. And it was really nice to see the front patio and flower beds leaf-free.

Time with family. Leaf-free front patio. And a two hour work out. It’s all good and I’m all thank-full!


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